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Wakanda’s ‘King T’Challa’ Appearing On SNL’s Black Jeopardy Is The Funniest Thing Ever (Video)

T’Challa appeared on the best skits on Saturday Night Live is “Black Jeopardy” hosted by Darnell Hayes and gave us all a glimpse into the ultra-proper culture of Wakanda, the antithesis of Black urban culture in America.

Our favorite skits were the ones that were Black Panther related of course, including T’Challa being a contestant on “Black Jeopardy.”


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Hosted by Darnell Hayes (Kenan Thompson), T’Challa competed against returning champion Shanice (Leslie Jones) and Rashad (Chris Redd) on who was the expert on the ins and outs of Black American culture. T’Challa’s answers were—interesting, but his take on whether to eat Karen’s potato salad or not had us cackling.


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