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Wacko Jacko: The History Of Michael Jackon’s Changing Faces

Michael Jackson was an icon amongst icons. His career inspired and influenced many artist that we listen to today. Though he was a musical genius and legendary performer, his career has some dark spots. As a child Michael Jackson grew up in an abusive home, with his father Joe Jackson beating him and his brothers for every little thing. This was a speculated to be a major reason as to why Michael Jackson went through so many platic surgery procedures. Whatever the real reason we will never know, but we do know that the King of Pop went through one of the biggest public transformations in history.

Little Michael  Michael Jackson was thrust into stardom at a very young age. At the age of six Michael joined as the lead singer of the Jackson 5, a band formed with his older brothers. The Jackson 5 won major talent shows that prompted them to tour the Midwest on the chittlin circuit. They branched out to other cities and eventually were discovered by Gladys Knight and pianist Billy Taylor at the Apollo Theater. Michael was the focal point of each show with is force and moves. He was recognizable by his big afro and wide nose. His father even gave him the nick name “Big Nose”.

Teenage Michael  Not much changed appearance wise as Micheal grew to be a teenager. He was still “normal” and the girls were really starting to fall for him. Besides the natural physical changes that one goes through at that time in life, Michael did not go under the knife yet. By the time he was 13 he went solo and with its first hit “Ben”.

First Plastic Surgery At age 26 Michael Jackson got his first nose job. It was a small procedure but it opened up the flood gates of what was to come next. Jackson got his nose slightly narrowed and his eyebrows shaped. This was his “Thriller” Era and he was more popular than ever for his music. People did notice this facial change and commented on it, but it wasn’t drastic. Michael still looked like him self even though people speculated that he wanted to look more like a white person.

Second Plastic Surgery A year later Michael Jackson went back to get another nose job, narrowing his nose some more. He also had permanent eyeliner tattooed around his eyes. That had to hurt. During this time MJ was becoming more private with his personal affairs and the media becoming more pressing to find out what he was doing. This is also the time when he became known for his humanitarian and philanthropy efforts.


Bad Era By the time Michael turned 29 years old he has had 3 separate surgeries done to his face. During his “Bad” era, Michael had another nose job and this one was noticeable for how poorly it was done. He also had what seemed to be cheek implants. This was a sign of plastic surgery addiction. His skin was also significantly lighter than before. He blames the changing of his skin color on a medical condition, Vitiligo. It was also rumored that he was taking female hormone pills to stop growing facial hair and keep his voice at a higher pitch.

1991 Michael Jackson In 1991 Michael Jackson’s skin was visibly continuing to get lighter. The media turned the King of Pop into America’s side show. Everything from his child molestation allegations to his continuous plastic surgery was in the public’s eye. This time around Michael’s chin has a clef in it and a dropped, square jawline. His eyebrows have been altered as well as his nose again, which now look like two small triangle on his face.

Fake Nose Michael In his mid to late 30s, Micheal’s nose went though so much surgery that the tissue that remained was so damaged that he had to wear a fake prothesis tip. Michael lost his cleft chin when get got a chin implant. His obsession with plastic surgery has now become self-mutilation. His cosmetic surgeries has now overshadowed is music and talent.

1999-2000 Michael Jackson By 1999 Michael Jackson completely changed his face again. He got a new chin, new cheeks, and another nose or lack there of. Instead of the more square and chiseled look, Michael’s face was more round. In 2000 his eyes were pulled tight and he now was growing facial hair. Tabloids made him the butt of their jokes saying he had his pubic hair put on his face.

Last Plastic Surgery Job For most of the 2000′s the fake nose tip endured until another nose job widen the bridge to create a wider nasal passage. The bridge was considered to be a botched job, because of the two visible bumps. His nose was still short and pointy, but at least he looked like he could breath better. In 2004, Michael found, Dr. Werner Mang, a German Plastic surgeon to fix what was left of his nose. His chin regained a small clef and the facial hair was gone. After 2004 Michael called it quits with the plastic surgery. Til his death he claimed that he only had two nose jobs done and no other procedure done.


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