Voodoo Goes Wrong- Man Summons Donald Trump’s Spirit, See What Happens Next!

Yes, it is an obvious fact that majority of Americans don’t like their President. But now, haters need to conjure his spirit to show their aversion? That spells the height of hatred. Thought that only happens in Africa.

36-year old youtuber, Brendan Miller, suffered a heart attack last night while filming a clip in which he was performing a “Bloody Mary” style conjuration to “summon” President Donald Trump.

Miller frequently performs humoristic stunts meant to demonstrate that Donald Trump wasn’t “born” in America, but “summoned” from hell by some evil force.

In the 7-minute clip posted yesterday and viewed 2 million times before it was removed from Youtube this morning, he was performing a summoning ritual reminiscient of the one associated with the “Bloody Mary” urban legend.

Mr Miller held a lit candle and placed himself in front of a mirror, where he began chanting “Donald Trump” in a low pitched voice.

After about one minute of chanting, many objects in the room began shaking and falling, and the youtuber visibly began to panic.

The usually calm former teacher dropped the candle he was holding began cursing and swearing uncontrollably.

Seismologists confirmed that the region was hit by a series of low-magnitude earthquake, but very little damage has been reported. The room in which Mr Miller performed his ritual, however, was totally devastated.


After about a minute of what looked like a violent earthquake, a loud scream can be heard, coming from his wife who was in the next room.

Melissa Jones Miller says she wasn’t panicked by the earthquake, but screamed because she felt like some invisible force had “gropped” her.

“I knew Brian was summoning demons or something in the next room, and I suddenly felt like some ghost grabbed my ass and my genitals.”

Hearing his wife’s terrified scream seems to have been too much for Brendan Miller, and he fell to the floor, suffering from a heart attack.

Fortunately, the paramedics were rapidly called on the site and they were able to save his life and transport him to the hospital.

Mr Miller suffered a heart attack and was transported to the Mercy Hospital of Buffalo, but doctors no longer fear for his life,

This isn’t the first time that a summoning ritual goes wrong, and heart attacks are actually quite common among amateur conjurers.

Many people mingling with such occult sciences tend to be overreactive to any sound or movement in their surrounding and often panic.

Amazing! So much hatred for the President, it’s not only In Africa, juju goes wrong…LOL


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