Vladimir Putin Would Have Considered Becoming A Taxi Driver In The 1990s

The Russian president gave an anecdote in the documentary that was dedicated to him for the presidential election: he seriously considered becoming a taxi driver after the defeat of his political mentor in the 1996 municipal elections.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had considered becoming a taxi driver after failing to win the victory of his mentor Anatoly Sobchak in the municipal elections in St. Petersburg in 1996. He delivered this anecdote in a documentary called Putin , broadcast on the eve of the Russian presidential election.

“What else was there to do?”

The current president had found himself unemployed when the mayor of St. Petersburg, Anatoly Sobchak, had failed to be re-elected in 1996. Vladimir Putin then ran the campaign headquarters of Sobchak.


“I even thought,” What should I do, maybe be a taxi driver? ” I’m not kidding, what else was there to do? I had two young children, “said the Russian president in the second part of the documentary Putin , posted on Russian social networks.

I had two young children

In the first part of the film, Vladimir Putin reveals that his paternal grandfather had worked as a cook for Lenin and Stalin. The Russian president also said he ordered the shooting down of an airliner that a terrorist, under threat of a bomb, wanted to divert to Sochi and blow up at the opening of the 2014 Olympic Games, before to learn that it was a false alarm.

Among the other revelations of the two-hour film, Putin disclosed that he operated under the codename “Plavoun” (“swimmer”) when he was at the KGB Academy of Foreign Intelligence and that he was sleeping at the time with a shotgun in his dacha of St. Petersburg.


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