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Vladimir Putin Warns Trump: ‘Russia Will Not Remain Inactive In The Face Of Deployment Of US Missile Defense’

Vladimir Putin accused them of being silent on the deployment of US missile defense during a meeting with leaders of major news agencies on the sidelines of the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg.

“You all remain silent. The world is silent, as if nothing were happening, “Russian President Vladimir Putin told the heads of major news agencies at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, referring to the deployment of US missile defense near the Russian borders.


Responding to a question from the Japanese news agency Kyodo on strengthening Russian military forces in the Russian Far East and the Kuril Islands, Vladimir Putin stressed that it was not a Russian initiative but a reaction to The increase of military forces at the Russian borders, including the deployment of US missile defense in Alaska and South Korea. “NATO bases are advancing towards our western borders, infrastructure is progressing, incidents are accumulating, And what should we do, remain inactive? No, we will react appropriately. Similar things happen in the east, “he said.

Vladimir Putin recalled that the United States had justified the deployment of missile defense in Europe by the alleged Iranian nuclear threat. Accordingly, he described the justification for the deployment of the US anti-missile shield THAAD in South Korea by the North Korean threat of “dubious”. “This is not North Korea. If North Korea declared tomorrow that it would suspend its nuclear tests and cancel its missile program, the United States would continue to deploy its missile defense by using a new pretext or without any pretext at all, he explains.


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