Vladimir Putin Tackles The New American Security Strategy

On Friday, December 22, Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned the new security strategy put in place by the United States.

During its appearance on national television, the number 1 Russian denounced the “aggressive” character of the new strategy of national security of the United States. He said Russia must be an “absolute leader” in creating a new generation army to secure its sovereignty.

” This defense strategy is undoubtedly offensive, if we speak in diplomatic language. But if we go to military terms, it probably has an aggressive character  , “said Vladimir Putin, during a meeting with officials of the Russian army broadcast on national television.

Due to threats posed by North Korean ballistic missiles, the US parliament had approved an exceptional increase in the missile defense budget from 8.2 to 12.3 billion. Putin denounced this proliferation of missile infrastructures of the United States.

”  Missile systems can be transformed at any time into medium-range missile systems  ,” said the Russian president before continuing ”  all this significantly reduces the level of security in Europe and the world .” ”  We have the sovereign right and every opportunity to respond adequately and timely to such potential threats  ,” he warned.

”  Russian nuclear forces are currently at a level that ensures a strong nuclear deterrent  ,” said Vladimir Putin, while calling for their strengthening. ”  Russia must be among the leading countries, and in some areas, an absolute leader in the creation of a new generation army  “,

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