Vladimir Putin Reveals What He Appreciates Most In The “Craft” Of Presidency

Vladimir Putin, in a discussion with workers of a Russian factory called Avtidizel in the Yaroslavi region, 300 km northeast of Moscow, explained that the benefits of his work did not differ greatly from those Of a job in a factory.

“The most positive aspect of my work does not differ from yours, it is when your job brings satisfaction,” he argued.

He continued his remarks and revealed the positive aspects of his work as a Russian president: “The most positive aspect of my work is no different from yours. It is when the job brings satisfaction and when you achieve the goals you set for yourself, when you do something important, necessary and good, it is beneficial to you and your employers. The biggest satisfaction is when you are satisfied with the results (of your work), “Putin said.

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The Russian leader also spoke on the negative aspects of his work:

“When something goes wrong or someone drops you, or you face other unforeseen circumstances. But it is the pleasure of our work because we are able to overcome these difficulties and achieve the desired result, “concluded the Russian president.

Search result for "vladimir poutine"

Search result for "vladimir poutine"

Search result for "vladimir poutine"


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