Vladimir Putin Reveals The Source of His Energy and Immortality

The secret of the good health and energy of the Russian President is simple: just lead an active life. But then, what are the favorite sports activities of the Russian head of state?

Vladimir Putin  unveiled his recipe to stay healthy and in good shape, despite a busy schedule.

“There is the word” sport “. It should not be confused with the word “spirt” (“alcohol” in Russian, ed). One letter differs, you see. But it’s a colossal difference. This is one of [my] secrets, “said the Russian President.

According to Vladimir Putin, another important factor is job satisfaction, as well as the sense of serving for the good of society. According to him, “if the man is focused on what he does” and “if it is useful for others”, it motivates him and helps him to work.

Vladimir Putin, who in September celebrated his 65th birthday, is a fan of several sports. Since childhood, he practices oriental martial arts ( judo  and sambo), which according to him, are beneficial not only for the body, but also for the spirit. In 2006, Putin became the honorary president of the European Judo Union.

V. Putin met with the Russian judo team
V. Putin met with the Russian judo team

In winter, the Russian President prefers to  ski .

V. Putin, Irkutsk Oblast

“It’s a dynamic and technical sport and a great opportunity to rest in an active and healthy way, keep fit, recharge and stay in good spirits,” he says.

Vladimir Putin plays hockey

Hockey  is another winter sport that Mr. Putin is taking. In 2011, he promised participants of the University Games in Turkey to teach them how to skate. And he kept his promise. From time to time, the Russian President participates in the games of the “Night Hockey League”, an association of hockey fans.


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