Vladimir Putin Replies Trump: “Your Missiles Should Hit Terrorists, Not The Syrian Government”

Donald Trump has challenged Russia to be able to neutralize US missiles in the event of a strike against Syria. The spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry advised her to target jihadists instead.

“The” smart “missiles should hit the terrorists, not the legitimate government [of Syria],” said Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry on April 11, 2018. The diplomat responded to the tweet bravado, published an hour earlier, by Donald Trump,  who urged Russia to be ready for missile fire “all beautiful, brand new and” smart “US” against Syria.


“The inspectors will have nothing to find in terms of evidence,” said Zakharova, while accusations of chemical attack have been relayed by some rebel groups, including the  controversial White Helmets , as well as Western  Syrian Observatory of Human Rights , which relies on information from the same rebels, including Jaïch al-Islam.


These smart missiles could be an attempt to destroy evidence

The United States, as well as some of its allies including France, have seized its allegations to question the action of Russia which assists the government of Damascus in the reconquest of its territory. “[The use of] these smart missiles could be an attempt to destroy ground evidence of the chemical attack in Syria,” said Maria Zakharova.

Alexander Zassypkin, Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon, said on April 10  that if US missiles were fired at Syria, they would be destroyed. He said the launch sites for these missiles would also be targeted. “If there is an American strike, then … the missiles will be destroyed, as well as the sources from which the missiles were fired,” he told Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV channel.


At the time of the alleged chemical attack on 7 April, the Syrian armed forces had recovered more than 90 percent of the Ghouta enclave. There was only one last pocket left in the hands of the Salafist armed group Jaïch al-Islam. While the rebels of Ghouta had already opposed a humanitarian evacuation, Jaïch al-Islam on April 6 shelled humanitarian corridors opened four days earlier .

The next day, when nothing seemed to indicate the rational interest (both diplomatic and military) for the Syrian troops, on the verge of reconquering Duma, to resort to the use of chemical weapons, the White Helmets as well as the OSDH reported a massive attack with asphyxiating gas.


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