Vladimir Putin, Nervous? “Like All Human Beings,” Says His Spokesman

While President Vladimir Putin has never shown signs of nervousness during his public speeches, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov confides that, like any human, the Russian president could be nervous.

Asked about the television channel Rossiya 1 about the last press conference of Vladimir Putin that lasted several hours, the spokesman of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov revealed that the Russian president had slept little the day before .

Vladimir Poutine, nerveux ? «Comme tous les êtres humains», affirme son porte-parole©
Vladimir Putin faces reporters at the traditional end-of-year press conference.

After confiding that he used to “live in fear of being put on the spot”, the spokesman said there were no “difficult questions” for the Head of State Russian. Nevertheless, Dmitry Peskov conceded that each session could create “his own drama”, and that it was therefore normal for the Russian president to feel, like every human being, a certain pressure at media meetings of this magnitude.


Developing his point, he referred to a Ukrainian journalist who asked Vladimir Putin if Russian soldiers were killing Ukrainians in Donbass. While the boos were rising in the hall, Vladimir Putin asked for silence and later returned, on the precise origins of the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Dmitry Peskov also strongly denied rumors that relatives of the president would help him write pre-written answers: “The president is improvising. […] He often mentions things we never thought of. “He further revealed that Vladimir Putin used to talk to many people:” Some of them tell him jokes – that’s a normal person.”


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