Vladimir Putin Names The Richest Nation In The World

Speaking at the interregional Cooperation Forum between Russia and Kazakhstan, the Russian President pointed out which nation he believed possessed the greatest number of treasures.

At the 15th edition of the Russia-  Kazakhstan Inter-regional Cooperation Forum  ,  Vladimir Putin  has named the richest nation on the planet.

“Of course there are attractive routes, including Rome, Paris and other major cities, Venice, etc. We have St. Petersburg the same level, no less, even better in some way, “he said in the Kazakh city of Petropavlovsk which this year hosted the forum.And to continue:

“But the variety of nature possessed by Russia and Kazakhstan does not exist anywhere else in the world. It’s absolutely obvious. In this respect, we are the richest people on this planet, without any exaggeration. We must take advantage of this wave to promote our countries and develop the economy. “

The President also considered it important to encourage people’s interest in visiting emblematic places in Russia and Kazakhstan as well as in all the territories of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

He proposed to develop tourist itineraries dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War and cruises in the Caspian Sea.


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