Vladimir Putin: “Kim Jong-Un Is A Politician Quite Competent And Already Mature”


Vladimir Putin on Thursday praised North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, a “mature politician,” saying he now had an interest in “calming the situation” around his nuclear program, having achieved “his strategic task ” in this domain.
“He is a very competent and mature politician,” the Russian president said in a meeting with the editors of the Russian media.

“I think Mr. Kim Jong-Un has probably won this  game. It has solved its strategic task: it has a nuclear charge, a missile of global reach – up to 13,000 km – that can reach virtually any corner of the Earth, in any case any corner of the territory of his probable enemy, “he said.

Henceforth, “he has of course interest in harmonizing, calm the situation,” according to the Russian president.


For two years, the situation on the Korean Peninsula has deteriorated, with the North leading three new nuclear tests and increasing the number of missile attacks.

The North Korean leader has also repeatedly exchanged personal insults and threats of war with US President Donald Trump.

During his address to the New Year Nation, Kim Jong-Un reaffirmed that North Korea was able to threaten nuclear fire across the entire continental United States, warning that it was permanently within reach. Atomic “button”.

But he also took advantage of this speech to, very rare, reach out to South Korea, and mention a participation of North Korean athletes in the Olympics.

As a result of this extended hand, the red phone between the two neighbors was restored after almost two years of silence.

On Tuesday, the two countries held an exceptional face-to-face meeting, including an agreement to send a North Korean delegation to the Olympic Winter Games in South Korea and re-establish contacts between the military.

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