Vladimir Putin’s Former Teacher Gives Account On His Character During His Childhood

Vera Gurevich is the former teacher of the Russian President in St. Petersburg who still keeps very fresh in her memory the character of her former student. She explained in the columns of Sputniknews that Vladimir Putin was a “chenapan” and “bubbling with energy”.

She took advantage  of a visit to the city of Grozny to explain how the head of state became a deserving graduate.

“He ran away from classes, opened all the doors and shouted,” Hi, it’s me! “He was obviously a rascal, He was bubbling with energy,” said Mrs. Gurevich to Sputnik.

Vera Gurevich also detailed how the young Vladimir Putin realized his dream and how he entered the university.

” His goal is to go to university. There were 30 people per class, but he entered, received (notes, ed) of five (out of five, ed), he only had four in composition. His dream came true, but he realized it alone, “said the professor. She added that she still had friendly relations with her former student.



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