Vladimir Putin Does Not Believe That Man Causes Global Warming!!

Russian President Vladimir Putin has questioned the responsibility of humans in climate change, saying that global warming is not caused by emissions of greenhouse gases.

“The warming began in the 1930s,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said at an Arctic Forum in Arkhangelsk in the Russian Far North, according to images broadcast on public television. “At the time, there were no such anthropological factors as gas emissions, but the warming had already begun,” he said.


The Russian president has ruled it impossible to prevent global warming that could be linked in his opinion to global cycles on Earth. “The issue is to adapt to it,” said Putin. These statements come as US President Donald Trump signed on Tuesday a decree ordering a review of a flagship measure by Barack Obama on the climate imposing drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions on power plants. Donald Trump also promised a revival of the coal industry in the United States, the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases behind China.



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