Vladimir Putin: A Bombing of North Korea is Possible, But for What Result?

During his speech at the Energy Forum in Moscow on 4 October, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke of a possible strike on North Korea but was very cautious about the possibility of obtaining a result.

Putin: a bombing of North Korea is possible, but for what result?

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President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, during his speech at the Energy Forum in Moscow on 4 October

“A strike to disarm North Korea would be possible, but its outcome would be uncertain because it is a very secret state,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his speech at the Moscow Energy Forum , on 4 October.

He then clarified his thought: “To put it plainly: can someone launch an attack to disarm the adversary? Yes indeed. But will the shooting reach its target? Impossible to say, because no one can claim with certainty where the targets are. ”


He added, “We can not be 100% sure.”

Vladimir Putin also considered that the coercive decisions on Pyongyang and the “attempts to take over” Pyongyang only strengthened the position of North Korea.

Defining US policy: “It’s not for me to do it,” says Putin

The Russian leader called for an easing of diplomatic tensions and a resumption of dialogue: “All forces must stop rhetorical invectives and find a solution to allow a dialogue between the United States and North Korea, even for the neighboring states of North Korea. This is the only way of reason possible at the moment. But in any case, defining US policy is not up to me. ”

” We have a shared border and the Korean nuclear test chain is 200 kilometers from the Russian border, “he said. recalled Vladimir Putin.

As tensions on the Korean peninsula increased, Moscow and Beijing have always called on Washington and Pyongyang to pave the way for direct talks. Earlier, Russia and China suggested a “double frost” initiative to ease tensions.

According to the joint proposal, North Korea should stop its nuclear tests and missile launches, in exchange for which the United States and South Korea would halt their joint military exercises in the region. The United States has opposed this plan.


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