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Viral Video: This ‘Full Body Massage Video’ Is Making The Whole World Go Crazy!!!

 Men from around the world are going gaga on social media over a video showing an unclothed woman getting a full body massage.

The video which was shared by Ransford Afari, a massage therapist, has quickly garnered thousands of views.

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Ransford said he had shared the video to create awareness about the health benefits of massage.

“Everyone deserves a massage, especially all you guyz working hard,” he said.

Some male social Facebook users who watched the video questioned whether they were in the right professions and expressed the desire to become massage therapists.

One Alfred Harrison stated that he was prepared to offer massage sessions for ladies.

“Rans I’m resigning from ma field to partner u. Get ready…. I’m starting from moro,”Facebook user Nicholas Tetteh said.

Watch the video below:

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