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VIDEO: World’s First Self-Driving Cars Have Commenced Operations In Singapore


The world’s first fleet of self driving cars have commenced operations in Singapore, marking another revolutionary turn in human technology that has been coming for a while.


Self driving, or driverless cars, have been a new frontier of scientific research for a while, although safety concerns have meant large delays in ever rolling out the first service.  

Now Singaporean firm nuTonomy have rolled out theirs, becoming the first in the world to do so. Uber recently announced it would test some driverless cars in Pittsburgh, but are yet to roll out.

nuTonomy commenced their operations Thursday, with customers able to book rides via their smartphones. The firm is beginning with six cars, to be gradually increased as time goes and their efficiency and reliability becomes proven.

Like Uber’s soon to be piloted driverless cars, these ones would also have a driver behind the wheel ready to take over, and a researcher in the back taking notes. But there’s no doubt the human driver has already been set on the path to become obsolete.


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