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VIDEO: When Boris Johnson Proposes To Libya To “Get Rid Of Corpses” To Attract Tourists

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was under fire on 3 October after saying that Libya could become attractive if it succeeded in “getting rid of corpses”.

Boris Johnson, who traveled to Libya in August, a country plagued by chaos and delivered to militias since the fall and death of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, said on 3 October that British companies wanted to invest in the city of Sirte.

When Boris Johnson proposes to Libya to "get rid of corpses" to attract tourists© Hannah Mckay Source: Reuters
Boris Johnson


“They have the brilliant vision of making Sirte the next Dubai,” said the British Foreign Minister at the annual Conservative Congress in Manchester, highlighting the “white sand, the beauty of the sea” and the “brilliant young inhabitants “of the city.

“The only thing they have to do is get rid of the dead bodies,” he added before laughing.


The political career of Boris Johnson was marked by his polemical remarks and his controversial personality that seduced his constituents as much as federated his detractors.

His comments on Syrte, where the Islamic state group was defeated in December, were strongly criticized by Emily Thornberry, in charge of foreign affairs in the opposition.

“Speaking of these deaths as a joke – as a mere annoyance before British investors turn the city into a seaside resort – is incredibly rude, ruthless and cruel,” said Labor’s elected representative.

“This incredibly rude commentary […] is further proof that Boris is not for this job. Theresa May must put the government in order and send it back, “said Liberal Democratic Party MP Jo Swinson.

Boris Johnson responded to these criticisms on Twitter, accusing people “unconscious about Libya” of “playing politically with the terribly dangerous reality of Sirte.”

“The reality is that the cleaning of the corpses of the Daesh fighters was complicated by the explosive devices,” he continued. “That’s why Britain plays a key role in rebuilding Libya, where I’ve traveled twice this year,” the minister added in a tweet.

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