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Video: The VMAs, Alicia Keys Invokes Martin Luther King With A Powerful Speech of Peace

Alicia Keys recited a poem celebrating love and unity at the MTV VMAs. She recited in honor of Martin Luther King and his teaching.

Sunday, August 28 at Madison Square Garden in New York for the VMAs 2016, it was not just the performance of Beyoncé, Kanye West melon courtship between Drake and Rihanna. So is Alicia Keys, she also appeared on stage at the annual happening organized by MTV.Not to interpret one of his songs, but to celebrate the 53rd anniversary of “I have a dream”, the most famous speech of Martin Luther King:“In his honor, I’d like to share a poem with you” , she said by way of introduction.


“If the war is a virtue and sex a sin, then we are lost in this dream. Locked by borders and the lack of education, divided by differences, our sexuality and our skin”, recited the ‘artist.

“Maybe we can love”

The singer then took advantage of her powerful mezzo-soprano to continue its text, a cappella:

“We can fear us, hate us, but we can break these walls. We can build walls, but we need each other […] Maybe we can love, perhaps that we can be more careful [other] instead of releasing the bombs of the holy war. “

Silence, thanks, moved applause from the audience. By entering in the footsteps of famous activist during High Mass MTV devoted to the most bankable stars of pop music, Alicia Keys used his influential status as an artist to share a message of peace and living together .

This is not luxury in the wake context of racial tensions in the United States – nor of the differences amid faith in France. The poem of the singer is to listen in the video above.


Source: Konbini France

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