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VIDEO: US Actor Jamie Foxx Catches Wamlambez Fever

When they said the Wamlambez craze has gone international, most of us took it for a joke. Well, to the doubting Thomases, popular US actor Jamie Foxx seems to have joined the battalion.

A clip by a local designer and owner of a fashion house, Mama Foli, has emerged showing the Hollywood star responding to the viral phrase. Mama Foli had linked up with Jamie when the ‘Wamlambez bug’ paid a courtesy call.

In the clip, Foli is seen teaching Jamie how to respond to the viral phrase which originated in Kenya’s Capital Nairobi.

“When I say Wamlambez, you say Wamnyonyez,” Foli instructed her attentive student. And immediately, Jamie started echoing the instructions he was given and let out a huge ‘Wamnyonyez’ as he smiled.

Jamie went ahead to flaunt the few Swahili words he knows and referred to Kenyan ladies as ‘warembo wa Kenya.’




He joined the seemingly growing list of International stars who are embracing the Wamlambez-Wamnyonyez hype. Just a week ago, Kenyan rugby maestro Biko Adema encouraged US musician Christina Milian to shout out the words Wamlambez, Wamnyonyez. In Instagram videos shared by both Christian and Adema on their respective pages, Christina is seen learning how to answer to the popular ‘Wamlambez phrase from the rugby player.


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