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VIDEO: Unlike Ghana’s Akufo-Addo, Emmanuel Macron Refuses To Hold The Hand Of The Burkinabè President

A few days ago, French President Emmanuel Macron toured the African continent during which he visited Burkina Faso, Ghana and Ivory Coast for the European Union-Union Summit. African. But during this visit of the French president, several facts and statements aroused strong comments.

Among the comments that shocked the most netizens, Emmanuel Macron had said that President Kaboré went to repair the air conditioning when a failure occurred during his speech. Some observers had said this for humiliation. For others, it was simply a disregard for the Burkinabe president.

The French president had also expressed on this subject explaining that it was nothing at all. The remarks made about President Kaboré were simply jokes. Macron had also added that there were presidents with whom he could make such jokes in the name of friendly relations they maintain.


But another fact, not least, attracted the attention of Internet users during this visit of Emmanuel Macron in the land of men of integrity. Indeed, an image relayed for a few days on social networks shows Roch Kabore trying to hold friendly the left hand of the French president.

In the picture, we see how Emmanuel Macron refuses to accept Kabore’s hand. A gesture that would not have pleased President Kabore. For some observers, the unenthusiastic face of the Burkinabe president a few minutes before the departure of his host, reflects his discontent

What does this other Emmanuel Macron gesture mean? Is this still a joke? Does this not hide a certain rejection of President Kaboré? The comments are going well.


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