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Caught On Camera: Airplane Crashes, Failed Takeoff Aircraft And Crosswind Landings | Video Collection 2017!!

Air transportation has been regarded to be the fastest mode of transportation. However, airplane accident is the worst thing to ever witness considering the fact that the volume of its passenger is undoubtedly in multiple folds when compared with other mode of transportation. Just one airplane crash could lead to a lot of lives been lost.
Here is a selection of videos from the crash aircraft, with the unfortunate ups and landings aircraft a crosswind. Video collection 2016, aircraft carrier.
Crash planes often arise because of the crosswind landings.
Airplane сrashes often arise because of unsuccessful takeoffs and landings. Aircraft carrier.

Airplane сrashes, video collection 2016:
0:26 сrashes fighter Hawker Siddeley Harrier
0:34 bad takeoff cargo plane
0:51 сrashcargo plane
1:25 comes in to land the plane in crosswinds
1:52 fighter crash
2:21 сrash fighter Hawker Siddeley Harrier
2:46 the plane fall into the water
3:05 landing in crosswinds IL-76
3:28 approach crosswind
3:53 Su-27 emergency landing without landing gear
4:22 unsuccessful landing on an aircraft carrier
4:28 collapse of Su-27 in Ukraine
5:27 hydro plane crash
6:05 crash test aircraft
6:28 bad takeoff aircraft
6:49 сrashcargo plane
7:50 bad takeoff Tu-154
8:44 small plane crash
9:06 hydro plane crash
9:19 bad takeoff headwind
9:54 landing in crosswinds the world’s largest passenger aircraft


Additional Information:
There are several different types of emergency landings for powered aircraft: planned landing or unplanned landing.
Forced landing – the aircraft is forced to make a landing due to technical problems. Landing as soon as possible is a priority, no matter where, since a major system failure has occurred or is imminent. It is caused by the failure of or damage to vital systems such as engines, hydraulics, or landing gear, and so a landing must be attempted where a runway is needed but none is available. The pilot is essentially trying to get the aircraft on the ground in a way which minimizes the possibility of injury or death to the people aboard. This means that the forced landing may even occur when the aircraft is still flyable, in order to prevent a crash or ditching situation.
Precautionary landing may result from a planned landing at a location about which information is limited, from unanticipated changes during the flight, or from abnormal or even emergency situations. This may be as a result of problems with the aircraft, or a medical or police emergency. The sooner a pilot locates and inspects a potential landing site, the less the chance of additional limitations being imposed by worsening aircraft conditions, deteriorating weather, or other factors.
Ditching is the same as a forced landing, only on water. After the disabled aircraft makes contact with the surface of the water, the aircraft will most likely sink if it is not designed to float, although it may float for hours, depending on damage.




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