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VIDEO: This Discriminatory Video Became Viral In The United States of America!!

A scene of discrimination has become viral in the United States from the city of Fort Worth. In a video viewed more than 2.5 million times on Facebook, an African-American woman and her daughter are arrested with violence by a police officer threatening them with a taser.

Jacqueline Graig, 46, complained to the policeman about the assault of her son on the street by an individual. “Why do not you teach your son not to throw papers on the floor?” Asked the police officer whose identity was not revealed.



The mother, assisted by her two other daughters, explained that there was no evidence that her child had done so, and even if she did, no one had the right to lay her hand on her son. This is after the officer replica him a “why not?” As the argument escalated.

As seen in the video, the mother is clamped to the ground with some violence, handcuffed and threatened with a taser. Same for both girls. They were taken to the police station for refusal to comply and released on Thursday after a few hours at the station.

Their lawyer now asks that the police officer be dismissed and prosecuted. On the other side, Fort Worth police advanced an “incident” and that an investigation is already underway.


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