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Video: These Chilean Surgeons Watch Chile-Portugal Penalty Shoot-out While Performing A Surgery!!

On Wednesday, in full operation, two Chilean surgeons stopped for a few moments to follow the penalty shoot-out between Chile and Portugal, who were competing in the semi-finals of the Confederations Cup.

The affair has caused a lot of ink in Chile. A video circulating on social networks shows two Chilean surgeons in full operation on Wednesday night while a television located a few meters from them diffuses the match Chile-Portugal, semifinals of the Confederations Cup.

“The situation is serious”
The two doctors even stopped their intervention for a few moments to follow the penalty shoot-out, won by their favorite team (0-0 ap, 3-0 tab).


The rest of their team even exulted in the operating room when Claudio Bravo, the keeper of Chile, stopped the third Portuguese attempt and offered the qualification to his.

Karla Kabilar, MP and member of the Health Commission in Parliament, requested an investigation to identify the two surgeons.

” The situation is serious. There are protocols that must be respected for safety and respect for patients. Here we see a pure and simple violation of the rights of patients, “said the elected in remarks relayed by the media La Tercera.



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