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Video: When Tech Never Lies!! Security Footage Shows Woman Who Needed ‘Just 3 Seconds To Steal A Wallet’

Sometimes people are too careless in places they’ve visited plenty of times. Whether it be their own home, or a local neighborhood store, a place where everyone knows each other makes us let our guards down.

But we probably shouldn’t let ourselves be that careless, and here’s why…

This video is a security footage from a grocery store in Roseville, California, and it shows a woman picking out items in the produce section before reaching for another shopper’s wallet and simply walking away. It took her only 3 seconds to steal that wallet, just a simple movement!


The worst part though is that some people in the comments section of the video are inadvertently blaming the victim for leaving her purse. Do you think that’s fair, blaming the victim?

Thankfully, the police have identified the thief, even though they haven’t found the woman yet. We hope they will do that soon!

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