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VIDEO: Snoop Dogg Shoots ‘Donald Trump’ Look-alike Clown, Creates Controversy!!

American rapper Snoop Dogg has been on the list of celebrities who speak out against the policy of the current US president, Donald Trump.

Last Sunday, the singer in the new clip of “Lavender”, the Californian singer evokes police brutality and parody in clown the new American president Donald Trump, renamed Ronald Klump for the occasion.

A video in which one can clearly see the rapper pointing a fake gun to the figure of the clown, imitating Donald Trump, with an orange face, blond hair, blonde wig, bronzed complexion and big red tie.

The rapper says he wanted not to make a controversial song but “true, true for the voices of people who have no voice. “(…)” No one is currently playing with the real questions, with this fucking president (…) so I wanted to take the time to press the pause button in the middle of a festive record. ”

“I think that a lot of people make cool records, have fun, party, but that nobody really takes care of the real problem with this … clown who serves us as president ,” he told the magazine Billboard.

In a scene, the character of Trump / Klump holds a press conference to announce the deportation of all the dogs (like Snoop Dog), which is reminiscent of the recent anti-immigration measures taken by the American president.


Another scene shows the chained president trying to smoke a grass seal with Snoop Dogg and then getting caught by the rapper, whose fake pistol pulls a “Bang” flag

Meanwhile, Florida senator Marco Rubio, though one of the few Republican party members to declare himself a hip-hop fan, was critical of the clip, saying he does not approve of it.

He recalled that “presidents have been murdered in this country in the past”. This is the case of John Fitzgerald Kennedy or Abraham Lincoln. “If the wrong person sees this and gets the wrong idea, we can have a real problem. I do not know what Snoop was thinking, “said Marco Rubio at the US site TMZ.



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