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VIDEO: SHOCK! Human Skeletons Wearing Sunglasses Found Living It Up In The Colorado River

On May 4, a diver from Arizona came across two human skeletons at the bottom of the Colorado River.

Understandably startled, the diver contacted the local sheriff’s department to investigate what looked like a bizarre crime scene.

However, these weren’t your average skeletons at the bottom of the river (if there is even such a thing). Each skeleton was wearing sunglasses and sitting in a lawn chair, looking totally chill.

Yes, it really looked like two dead guys were having a party.

So... what exactly was happening? Was

So… what exactly was happening? Was this a vacation that went horribly wrong? Was it the world’s weirdest crime scene? Nah. Upon closer inspection by the La Paz County Sheriff’s Department, the skeletons turned out to be fake.

The first indication was that the bones were still held together. Had they been actual human skeletons, they would have disarticulated in the water.

While it’s great news that this wasn’t actually how two people met their deaths, the origin of this creepy setup has yet to be explained.


While authorities don’t know who placed the skeletons there, they do know when.

One of the skeletons was found holding a sign that said “Bernie” and “Living the dream in the river.” The sign also had the date 8/16/2014, indicating that the pair have been having their undersea party since last summer.

The police department told the Associated Press that they recognize it was likely meant to be a joke, and wasn’t meant to fool anyone into thinking it was a real crime scene… which it kind of did anyway.

See the full video of the eerie setup from La Paz County Sheriff’s Department:




While it was a big deal for the police to get the resources into the water and examine what was initially assumed to be remains, the sheriff’s department reported in the video’s description that they “were happy to find that the remains weren’t real and thanked the reporting party for making the call.”

So there you have it. If you see something, say something, even if it’s two skeletons having a party underwater.


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