VIDEO: Saudi Arabian King, Salman’s Escalator Broke Down On His Arrival In Moscow.

On the occasion of his first visit to Russia, the Saudi head of state had to descend by himself the steps of the ramp of his plane, which had just landed in one of the Moscow airports.

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The visit to Russia  of the Salman King of Saudi Arabia did not begin under the best auspices. Arriving at Vnukovo airport on the evening of October 4 , the Saudi monarch could not get off his plane in a light and airy way as he is used to. Indeed, the rolling staircase which was to accompany it without an effort to the Russian soil unfortunately stopped halfway.

After waiting for a short time, the 81-year-old King abandoned all hope and resigned himself to the painful descent by himself of the few remaining steps.

King Salmane began his first official visit to Moscow on October 4, marking the first visit of a Saudi leader to Russia in the history of bilateral relations between the two countries. The visit will last until October 7 and will be an opportunity for the King to meet Vladimir Putin, as well as sign a whole series of documents concerning Russian-Saudi relations.

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