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VIDEO!! Riots In Charlotte: A Black Man Cuddles To Police In An Unusual Image!!

September 20, Keith Lamont Scott, a young black man, was shot without reason by police in the city of Charlotte in the United States.While police say the man was dangerous behavior, a video taken by the man’s wife died at the time of his death contradicts this version. In the images, the young woman tries to reason with the police: “He has no weapon He has a brain problem He will do anything to you, he has to take medication (…)!.! Keith, do not let them break the glass out of the car! Keith, do not do that! Keith! Get out of the car! do not do that! Keith. “ Unfortunately few seconds later, several shots ring out and the father is killed. And if the death of the 43 years has revived the debate on the abuses of law enforcement against African Americans, riots broke out in the city.

“We are all human”

While the city is on after several nights of violence, a young black man, Ken Nwadike, did not hesitate when another riot to head the policeto offer hugs: “I see them as beings human, as I see you as human beings. We are all human. His uniform [of police] do not make him a robot. like the uniform, your skin color does not make you criminals ” introduced the young man to the group of demonstrators. It is the precursor of Free Hugs Project, the project free accolades, he launched after the bombing of the Boston Marathon in 2013.


By Alexia Felix


Source: Non Stop Zapping


Written by How Africa

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