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Video: Police In Dubai Showcase New Flying Bikes

After using cars of the Lamborghini brand, worth $ 550,000 and a ferrari to patrol their city, the Dubai police opt for futuristic motorcycles.

The acquisition of these flying machines is done just after the presentation of their robot officer in June 2017.

These robots called the UAV  Unmanned Ground Vehicle (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) will replace one quarter of the police by 2030. It is 170 centimeters high for 100 kilograms. They have an artificial intelligence system and a motion detector. It is a computer in the chest that will allow him to inform the police about all the crimes. They will also provide information on traffic violations. They will be positioned in shopping centers and airports. These robots are remotely programmable and are capable of engaging in discussions and facial recognition.

Video: Police in Dubai acquire new flying bikes


The Dubai Police is in the image of the United Arab Emirates, it opts for luxurious and unique tools.

It was during the GITEX Technology Week that this flying bike was exhibited. It is a very important trade fair in the field of electronics which took place during 5 days from 8 October to 12 October. This exhibition allows exhibitors to present their latest creations or innovations in the field of technology. Visitors can experience all the latest inventions. This fair is at its 37th edition. In addition to the exhibitions, there are also conferences. The Flying Hoverbike can fly up to 5 meters above the ground and has a speed of 70 km / h. It is fully electric. It can be controlled by a person or remotely by a remote control.

This new device makes the buzz on the social networks and several Internet users dream of owning a motorcycle flying.


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