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VIDEO: Physalis; This Small Fruit Cures The Prostate And Helps Prevent Cancer Of The Stomach & Colon


Nature is very rich in food, fruits and vegetables, and we just need to know them well in order to be able to enjoy it. We can find remedies for all our health. The only thing to do is to know their benefits at all.

The physalis are a small fruit, round and sweet. It has a yellow color, and is found in a shell that resembles a paper cocoon, but it can not be used.

This berry is sweet and sour, making it a popular ingredient in various cakes, sweets and pastries, as well as in salads and fruit salads. The berries can be eaten as such as a healthy snack.


It is an excellent source of vitamins A, B and C
It is a powerful energizer, ideal for children and athletes
It is an excellent diuretic
Lowers the level of bad cholesterol
They have benefits in blood purification
Improves digestion
Promotes liver and kidney health (1) (2)
Improves the quality of life of people with benign prostatic hypertrophy (3)
They kill cancer cells in the stomach, colon (4), cervical (5), prostate (6), mouth (7), lung (8), kidneys (9) and (10)
You can consider trying this fruit and enjoy an optimal state of your health.


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