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Video Of A South African Policeman Refusing To Help A White Man Goes Viral

A man from Welkom (a town in central South Africa , located in the northwestern part of the Free State Province), was refused help at a police station because he is white and speaks Afrikaans, reports

A shared video on Twitter showing a mad man against an SAPS officer has gone viral. In the video, this one very enraged does not stop asking the officer why he refuses to help him.

“Is it because I am a white man?” He asked the officer who did not seem to be paying attention to his complaints.

“I was assaulted and you refuse to help me, it’s when I have problems at home that you come to help me? “.

He then demanded to speak to the chief of the police station, insisting that he would wait for the person in charge.

The publication of the video on social networks has provoked several reactions. While some are outraged by the behavior of the policeman, some think he was completely right to do so, on the pretext that the victim should not speak Afrikaans while he was speaking to a black man.

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