Video: Morocco’s King Mohamed VI Falls Asleep During Emmanuel Macron’s Speech..This is How Trump Reacted

The celebrations of the centenary of the armistice were celebrated with pomp in Paris in front of a bed of guests. But an unusual fact has somewhat attracted attention. Mohamed VI falls asleep at Macron’s speech, sparking the wrath of US President Donald Trump.

This image of Donald Trump looking bitterly Mohamed VI during the centenary of the armistice this Sunday in Paris, will be during these days, one of the main topics that will animate the planet.

While the French president, Emmanuel Macron, was addressing his guests, the king of Morocco, Mohamed VI was caught in a sleep in which he could do nothing.

Sitting with Donald Trump and his wife Melania, Mohamed VI did not really seem interested in the speech of the successor of François Hollande at the Elysee. An attitude that strongly disliked the number 1 American who did not fail to make known by a look very disapproving.

The business that continues to tour social networks, is variously interpreted by Internet users. Some casting stigma on the ruler, while others blame the President of the United States instead.


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