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Video: Moment When Patrice Lumumba Was Forced to Literally Eat His Speech After His Arrest

Born on July 2, 1925, Patrice Emery Lumumba was only 36 when he was brutally assassinated on January 17, 1961. After being executed by firing squad, his body was exhumed and dissolved in acid.  He was the first legally elected prime minister of the Republic of Congo after he helped the country gain its independence from Belgium in 1960.

Patrice is known as one of the youngest African leaders becoming the first prime minister of Congo at 35 on June 30, 1960. His rule as Prime Minister lasted for 7 months until his arrest. Lumumba was also a Pan-Africanist and political activist before he became prime minister.


Lumumba’s arrest, torture and subsequent assassination remain one of the cruellest and unfortunate atrocities in African political history. Following his arrest, he was forced to eat a transcript of his speech but even under duress, he refused. The said speech reiterated his stand on still being the Prime Minister of DRC after he was deposed.

Take a look at the video below:



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