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Video: Meet the Young Nigerian Inventor Who Built a Portable Generator That Runs on Water


A 26-year-old secondary school graduate, Emeka Nelson, may just be on track to becoming a big household name in his native Nigeria after he recently invented a generator that runs on water.

Personally surprised that he was able to develop such an innovation, the non-certified young man has been attracting a lot of attention following this feat, especially since he has no background in engineering.

He shared the good news on his 1kva (1000 watts) portable hydroelectric generator on Twitter.

But that is not what makes the attention he has been receiving an even better one: the ingenious Emeka has also invented quite a few things too. The other more popular one is a machine that converts waste into petrol and diesel, reports the BBC.


The remarkable machine has been designed to be as portable as the hydroelectric generator.




The generator, according to Nelson, has a maximum capacity of 1000 Watts and its voltage fluctuates between 220 and 240, he told the BBC.

Genius man
Emeka and his waste converter | Facebook (Emeka Nelson)

In a recent story carried by, Emeka spoke about how he had invented a machine that can transform waste to petrol, diesel as well as into tiles and roofing sheets.

Emeka Nelson | Facebook (Emeka Nelson)
Genius man
Photo: Facebook (Emeka Nelson)
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Photo: Expressive Info

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  1. It does not amaze me. African people are the first creators of everything on the planet earth. Mostly everything that runs so called civilized countries comes from the African race. That’s facts. So this young man just continues to show the world who we were and still are. The brains and genius of the world. I am proud of the young black man.

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