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VIDEO: Meet The Incredible Akim Camara, A 5 Years Old Violin Virtuoso!!

In this video, Akim Camara, a young violinist of barely 5 years, performs on stage accompanied by several musicians.

The child prodigy surprises all the public by interpreting to perfection the famous score dream of a summer night, at the height of its author Mendelssohn.

While he is barely speaking, Akim Camara learns the violin at two years with extreme ease.

His natural gift for music allowed him to later interpret complex pieces at the age of 5 years.

Thanks to his technique and talent, the young artist is quickly spotted by André Rieu, a famous Dutch violinist who gives him the opportunity to make himself known by inviting him on stage to a concert.


From the top of his 5 years, Akim Camara performs alongside André Rieu and his performance allows him to become a real star.

Today, the child still continues to improve his technique, already conscious at a young age to have found his way.


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