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Video: Meet Cheeto, the Dog with No Eyes But Living a Wonderful Life

A dog named Cheeto is enjoying a fabulous life. He’s nine-year-old Labrador Retriever Mix from San Francisco and he’s cute-as-a-button. Like all dogs, Cheeto lives a wonderful, active life of running and swimming and splashing and chasing after toys with his doggie friends, even though he’s 100% blind. In fact, his eyes were completely removed due to detached retinas when he was a puppy. But as you can see, Cheeto still gets around like a boss!
According to Yahoo Lifestyle, Cheeto looks like he’s in his element playing around with the other dogs, and he’s really learned how to move around despite his lack of vision. It’s certainly not holding him back from getting things done and living his best life.
A video of the adorable dog has garnered over 320,000 likes. He’s adorable (and he actually has the coloring of a Cheeto!).
Watch video below:

Cheeto, Labrador Retriever mix (9 y/o), McLaren Park, San Francisco, CA • "He's been blind since he was born, but his eyes were removed at 1 y/o because of detached retinas. Occasionally he'll bump into something or have issues with the dog door, but he can walk on a trail off-leash. He can also retrieve a ball if you throw it close to him in the water; he can hear it splash."


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