VIDEO: Man Reverses His Car Into River After Slamming On The Wrong Gear!!

A man who meant to hit the brakes in his car ends up slamming on the accelerator instead, causing the car to speed straight into a river.

The driver, Mr Zhang, had gotten out of his car to chat with a friend at the roadside when he saw his car rolling slightly.

Car speeds into river

He noticed his car moving an ran all the way to the driver’s seat to avert potential danger

He quickly jumped into the driver’s seat of the moving car to avert a potential danger.


In his panicked state, instead of slamming his foot down on the brake, he hit the accelerator and went careening at full speed in reverse.

Car speeds into river

He entered the car and attempted to halt the movement but he did not succeed

In the process, he hit a motorbike, sending the rider flying then the car fell backwards into a river.

Fortunately, the river was not very deep so Mr Zhang was able to quickly escape from the water.

The accident happened in Yangzhong City in east China on Saturday.


Written by How Africa

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