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VIDEO LIST: Top 5 Presidents Caught On Camera Doing Shameful Stuff!! (Video)

It is said that there is no one who is flawless, often times as humans we all get to misbehave.

To a great extent, it is mostly acceptable when the ordinary people misbehave, regardless where they are, however, when very popular people get to show the flawed side of them, the buzz generated is very huge.

For movie stars and musicians, the paparazzi are always on the look out for that which is amiss, and oftentimes photos and videos emerged of the sordid deeds of these stars.


People expect much more from leaders of nations and public office holders, they look up to them to live a flawless life at all times, and many end up disappointed when stories of ill-deeds by these leaders are exposed.

Below is a video that shows 5 major leaders at what some might term their lowest moments as regards proper conduct.


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