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Video: Why Are You Killing Black People? – Philippines President Blasts U.S.

The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, on Sunday lashed out at the U.S. police killings of black men in his latest outburst against critics of his anti-drug campaign, which has left hundreds of suspects dead.

The Philippines’ brash-talking President also threatened Sunday to withdraw the country from the United Nations after its human rights experts criticized the extra-judicial killings committed under his anti-crime drive.

Reacting to U.S. criticisms, Duterte cited the string of shootings involving police and black men that have sparked protests in the U.S.

In the clip, the president points out the hypocrisy of the two political bodies alleging that his administration violates citizens’ rights.


“The Philippine government is worried about what is being done to the Black people there in America,” Duterte starts. “[They are] being shot even while lying down. Why are the Blacks being killed on trumped up charges? There’s a hatred there being sowed by their government.”

Watch the video below:



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