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VIDEO: In Spain, Migrants Land On A Beach To The Surprise Of Swimmers!!

As they sunbathed on a beach in Cadiz, southern Spain, holiday makers saw to their surprise a group of dozens of migrants disembarking and running on the sand before fainting in the city .

In Spain, migrants land on a beach to the surprise of swimmers (VIDEO)© Screenshot of a Twitter video of the Associated Press @EmilioMorenatti photographer

On 10 August, the Associated Press (AP) agency relayed an amateur video filmed by a bather on a beach in Cadiz, southern Spain. There are dozens of migrants jumping from their inflatable boat and running to join the city, amidst the stunned crowd.


According to witnesses interviewed by AP, the group quickly vanished, well before the arrival of the police. The Spanish authorities did not comment on the press.

The sudden arrival of migrants on the beach, in broad daylight and among swimmers, is rather rare in Spain. On the other hand, border crossings regularly occur in the Spanish enclaves in Morocco, Melilla and Ceuta.

On 7 August, nearly 187 migrants entered Ceuta after forcing the Moroccan-Spanish border. They were arrested and placed in a temporary residence.


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