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VIDEO: In Guinea: After Arrest, Thief Congratulates Police Authority.

A Guinean thief who was arrested last Saturday, surprised everyone by his act. In the face of the media, he congratulated the police for arresting him.

In a video that has become viral on the web, Boubacar Diallo, a student at the Institut Supérieur de Technologie in Mamou and his accomplice Thierno Amadou Sow, a mechanic, can be heard to have stolen the sum of 50 million Guinean francs from a shop telephony in Mamou, a city in the north-west of Guinea.

Faced with the journalists a few minutes after his arrest he said:


“The national leadership of the judicial police must be congratulated. I also wanted to say that the DPJ deserves to be equipped because they have well-trained agents. Frankly “

According to him, his congratulations are due to the fact that he did not for a moment imagine that the police could proceed so quickly to his arrest. He said he regrets his crime and will never do so again.


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