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VIDEO: “In 48 Hours Mugabe Will Not Be President” – VIVA Zimbabwe leader, Acie Lumumba

VIVA Zimbabwe leader Acie Lumumba has said that President Robert Mugabe will not be the leader of the country if he does not abandon the G40 Faction. He argues that the military will takeover if Mugabe does not abandon G40.


Said Lumumba:

There is two options the President has. Option number one; the President can save himself. He can save himself and he can abandon G40. By this I mean he is going to have to abandon Jonathan Moyo, he is going to have to abandon Saviour Kasukuwere, he is going to have to abandon his nephew Patrick Zhuwao, he going to have to abandon his wife lady Gaga. By abandoning them he saves himself and the party comes back and he is rallied behind by the war veterans again. Option number two; he fails to save himself and he goes with G40. What this essentially means is that in the next 48 hours he will no longer be President of this country. Mark my words. In the next 48 hours he will no longer be the President of this country because the military will step in. I’ll tell you how the military will step in. Number one; they’ll simply move into all television and radio stations. So you will find all media broadcasts will be made by the military. They’ll take over they’ll announce on radio, this time there will be no press conference. They will announce on the national broadcaster that we have taken over the country. They will get support because the West is watching what is happening right now.

Watch video below:


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