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VIDEO!! If You See This Label On The Fruit Do Not Buy It At Any Cost – This Is Why


Genetically modified foods (GMO foods) have been shown to cause harm to humans, animals, and the environment, and despite growing opposition, more and more foods continue to be genetically altered. reports.


It’s important to note that steering clear of these foods completely may be difficult, and you should merely try to find other sources than your big chain grocer.

If produce is certified USDA-organic, it’s non-GMO (or supposed to be!) Also, seek out local farmers and booths at farmer’s markets where you can be ensured that the crops aren’t GMO.


Look for the Numbers

There are numbers on the labels of fruits that show important information about the products in this case the fruit and it is called PLU or Product Looking Number.


On the labels are always a bunch of numbers and here is what they mean:

Number 3 or 4

This means that it is NOT GMO, but it grew in farms where there are chemicals and pesticides.

Number 9
This means that the fruit is organic, grown without chemicals.

Number 8
This means that this is a GMO food.

Be very cautious when purchasing these the next time you go to the store.

For extra tips you can watch the video below :


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