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VIDEO: ‘If You Don’t Like My Dictatorship Then Go Away With Your Funding’ – Zambia’s President Lungu Tells IMF!!

Self confessed Dictator Edgar Lungu has told off the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that if the institution is not happy with his dictatorship and state of emergency, they should not step foot in Zambia and help with funding.

Lungu during a Press briefing this afternoon said that he did not care whether IMF will fund Zambia and help it recover.

He says it is OK for him to punish Zambians without food or IMF funding adding he would rather Zambians die of hunger and arson than help from IMF.

Meanwhile, Lungu’s Finance Minister Felix Mutati has for the past months been globe trotting including to IMF asking for money to help fund Zambia.


It is now clear that Lungu will will not only kill Zambians using police but also hunger situation.


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