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Video: I Was In A Toxic Relationship With Donald Trump – Omarosa

Former Trump aide Omarosa Manigault speaks about her time in the Trump administration and she opened on how she was a part of the cabal that robbed Hillary Clinton at the 2016 Presidential election and also her toxic relationship with Donald Trump.

In a video clip gathered by ABC News, Omarosa Manigault talked about how she now feels bad about being a co-conspirator in the robbery and how she will regret that for the rest of her life

“I was in a toxic relationship with Donald Trump … You know, Hillary Clinton was robbed, and I was … a co-conspirator in that robbery.

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Manigault Newman served as the White House director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison from January to mid-December of 2017 but has been unsparing in her criticism of the president since her departure.

In recent interviews, she has described her former boss and “Apprentice” co-star as “unhinged” and “racist.”

Trump reacted Saturday to Manigault Newman’s media tour before the release of her coming tell-all book, calling her a “low-life.”

In a sit-down interview after the release of her new audio, Manigault Newman took on a defensive posture, fashioning herself as a whistleblower and warning her former White House colleagues “they should be concerned” about revelations still to come out of her book and media tour.

“There’s a lot of very corrupt things happening in the White House, and I am going to blow the whistle on a lot of this,” Manigault Newman said.

Manigault Newman said she didn’t know whether the president was as genuinely surprised by her firing as he appeared to sound on the tape but also said it should be alarming to Americans if the president truly didn’t know whether his chief of staff is ousting a top member of the White House without first informing him.



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