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VIDEO: Hero Dad Throws His Children From Fifth-floor To Save Them From Burning House Flames!! Heartbreaking footage….

A father of a family threw his two children out of the window of their apartment, trapped in the fire they were. The facts did not show the exactly location that the occurrence happened but according to eye witness is in a locality near Moscow (Russia). Passers-by and neighbors have welcomed the family with a tarpaulin, says the Daily Mail.In Strunino (near Moscow), Vitaly did not hesitate to throw his two children out the window. Their apartment, located on the fifth floor, was trapped in the fire a few days ago.

On the ground, a group of 20 people, formed by neighbors and bystanders, waited for the family with a tarpaulin. ”  Do not throw them away ,” warned a woman at the beginning of the video.


“We’re choking”
Vitaly’s wife, Elena, also took her courage in both hands and also jumped into space. ”  The apartment was invaded by thick black smoke, ” says the mother at the Russian site Newinform. ”  We were suffocating. In addition, I have an 11-month-old child who has heart disease. My husband then said to me: “We have to jump or we will stay there .

His family saved from the flames, Vitaly was the last to throw himself from the fifth floor. As can be seen in the pictures, he prays before jumping into space. According to Newinform, the father is seriously injured in the spine and feet.


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