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VIDEO: Here is “the Most Elegant Man in Africa” ​​With About 160 Costumes and 200 Pairs of Shoes

Mr. James Maina Mwangi, who lives in Nairobi, Kenya, describes himself as “the most elegant and intelligent man in Africa” ​​because of his style of dress.

In an interview with BBC Africa, he reveals that he has about 160 costumes, over 300 hats and more than 200 pairs of shoes among many others. Every time he goes out, he wears matching outfits.


According to him, if he wears a green suit, he must combine it with “green shoes, a green shirt, a green hat, a green handkerchief, green underwear, a green pen, and a green cover of my phone “.

He then explained that when he arrived in Nairobi, he was wearing a shirt and people were making fun of him because his father was very poor. So he asked God to bless him with something different from others … ”  taste, choice and wisdom”.

Watch the video below …


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