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VIDEO: Former First Lady, Michelle Obama Is Very Angry With President Donald Trump!! This is why…



Michelle Obama is very angry that Trump has removed her program for healthy meals at school. The ex-first lady does not intend to let her do it.

The ex-first American lady does not intend to let the administration of Donald Trump trashing her efforts to improve the health of the children of her country. At a meeting in Washington on Friday, May 12, Michelle Obama attacked the government’s ambition to destroy her plan for healthier meals in canteens. “These are not fakes news, obesity is increasing among young people,” said stunned the ex-first lady, as you can see in our video above.


Less salt, less sugar, less fat. It was the battle with school canteens that Michelle Obama had launched to fight the obesity of American youth. An initiative weakened Monday, May 1 by the new US president who decided with the Ministry of Agriculture to grant more flexibility to schools.
“Why would someone approve that our children eat m ****? Why sit lazily and agree with that? “, Ex-first lady on the microphone of the health symposium” Partnership for a Healthier America ” .
“These are our children, right? This is not a political issue, “she warned, hoping that common sense triumphs over party disputes.


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