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VIDEO: Donald Trump Refuses To Shake Hands With Angela Merkel……; Before Changing Her Mind!!


On Friday, the German Chancellor was in the White House to meet the American president. An announced visit that does not seem to have gone quite as planned.

Video-Donald Trump refuses to shake hands with Angela Merkel ... before changing her mind

On each official visit, his handshake. A kind of symbol to show the agreement between two countries. At the White House on Friday, journalists were waiting for this symbolic moment between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Donald Trump.

Questions are flying. Then in the audience, several journalists launch ”  handshakes “, for ” handshake ” in English. At this moment, Angela Merkel seems to lean towards the American president. Without success. Donald Trump carefully avoids all eyes in his direction. The Chancellor then stands up in her chair and the press is forced to leave the oval office.

“I’m not isolationist”

A photo session that journalists present describe as icy. Same atmosphere after, during the press conference. The two leaders hardly look at each other, exchange a look or a word. Donald Trump gets angry at questions from journalists in the German press.

”  I’m not an isolationist, I’m a proponent of free trade ,” he said after a question about his trade policy. Finally, the press conference concludes with a handshake between the two leaders.

Trump’s joke on Obama’s supposed eavesdropping

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump reiterated that he did not accuse the United Kingdom of having spied on him after allegations against the British secret services that his spokesman seemed to take up on his own account.

He also joked with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who stood by her side, saying that ” in terms of tapping by the previous administration, at least we may have something in common .”


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